Friday, December 2, 2011

Prezi Presentation: Technology Reflection, Instructional use of the Ipad

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  1. Cierra Cupini
    Michael Dwyer iPad Prezi

    Content features
    Using the technology to get students to interact with unfavorable subjects is a really good idea. I particularly like the pie chart you incorporated to illustrate how students feel about math. If teachers, such as yourself, can change students’ negative opinions by demonstrating the material in a more interactive, easy to comprehend manner, you may be able to change many perceptions and promote success.
    iPads are in fact a technology that will be used in many classrooms around the nation in the next several years. Consequently, as future teachers it is important to be aware of the technologies that can enhance our students’ learning process and motivation to learn. You accurately described this technology in an easy to understand manner and if I were to have not known much about it, after viewing your Prezi I would have a good understanding of what this technology is, and how to use it.

    I believe that you truly feel that the iPad technology can help students who dislike or do not understand math. I would have to agree with you. Using the iPad as a reward system gives the students motivation to work for something. What is really important about that is, they learn to enjoy practicing their math skills because they consider it to be fun. In a way, you have changed student perspectives about this infamous subject of math and students become motivated to learn.

    I enjoyed your Prezi and the way you choose to implement the iPad into your classroom. I personally do not have experience with the Math Board application, however, I feel as though if I were a young student who were having trouble in math, I would have greatly appreciated the extra drill and practice that the iPad offers. In addition, I believe that you mediated the use of technology very well. The iPad was used in your lesson to back up what you as a teacher have taught. Students can use the knowledge that they have gained from your lesson, and implement it using Math board and other applications. Then, their newly acquired knowledge becomes relevant.
    Structural features:
    Your Prezi was very organized and easy to follow. I felt as though the path you choose to display your information made a lot of sense. I was able to gain a clear understanding of how you felt about this technology and in what ways you were going to implemented it into your classroom. This presentation was very well thought out.

    The text in which you have included in your Prezi was clear and accurate. I would also like to comment on the amount you chose to incorporate. I felt as though each “slide” had such enough information on it. I did not feel that it was too much or too little. Your explanations were to the point and illustrated exactly how you would conduct a lesson or implement this technology into a classroom.

    8-Visuals (picture/video):
    The visuals which you included were very good. The Prezi was not boring or overcrowded. If I was not already familiar with this technology, I would fully understand what it was like and how to use it from your pictures and descriptions. The videos you included also did a good job in providing the viewer with extra information.